Royalty claim initiative

We want to aid in creating transparency in the global music licensing ecosystem.

The Royalty Claim Initiative is an ongoing research project led by its Founder & Chief Researcher, Dae Bogan, MIA.

The Royalty Claim Platform is the world's first publicly accessible portal to easy-to-search databases of unclaimed royalty payments and music licenses. For the first time, music creators and rights-holders are able to quickly search, identify, and act on certain music licenses and royalty payments to which they may be entitled.

Royalty Claim researchers and data scientists locate, retrieve, synthesize and import an array of published and unpublished records that reference statutory notifications of certain music licenses, unattributed royalties (so-called "Black Box" royalties) and settlements; and income participants (payees) in undistributed royalties that stem from collective bargaining agreements, international reciprocal agreements, statutory royalties, and more.

We also analyze data related to music consumption (e.g. downloads, streams, sales), broadcasts, performances, and other types of data to identify trends from which we can interpret insights into the global music licensing ecosystem.

The origins

About unclaimed and undistributed entitlements

The global music licensing ecosystem is a complex system of small businesses, multi-national corporations, administrators, music rights organizations, collective societies, governments, trade associations, unions, and private individuals transacting in real-time creating billions of uses of music and music-related intellectual property that generates billions of dollars in revenue stemming from trillions of instances of explicit and implicit grants of rights -- annually. Yes, it's complicated!

With this level of complexity, inefficiencies are widespread. Parties transacting domestically and abroad look to existing laws, music industry customs, direct negotiations, and available resources to properly identify and account to an innumerable, and often changing, number of rights-holders and income participants.

As a result, many of these entitlements slip through the cracks every day and become unclaimed, undistributed, or incomplete for many reasons, including but not limited to: a music licensee's inability to identify rights-holders, income participants being omitted from music registrations, incorrect metadata used to identify and link music to rights, out-dated or missing income participant contact information on file with royalty collection societies, or simply a result of out-of-touch copyright laws.

Unfortunately, the victims of unclaimed entitlements are disproportionately Do-It-Yourself musicians, independent artists, retired music creators, and beneficiaries who may not have a good understanding of how music publishing, copyright administration, and music licensing work. They are simply unaware that unclaimed entitlements may be out there, waiting for them, often with expiration terms of three (3) years. This is often due to being underrepresented and having no seat at the table when it comes to discussions, negotiations, and the implementation of processes designed to account to and compensate rights-holders and income participants.

Royalty Claim Initiative is an initiative to research this phenomenon and to aid in creating transparency that is useful and actionable. The Royalty Claim Platform is the product of our ongoing research into the global music licensing and attribution ecosystem.

About Dae Bogan, MIA

Dae Bogan is a serial entrepreneur, educator, consultant, researcher, writer, public speaker, and business advisor interested in music rights, metadata, financial pipelines, transparency, interoperability and collaboration within the greater music industry. He is the Co-founder & CEO of TuneRegistry , a music and rights metadata management platform with streamlined registrations to music rights organizations and data services, and the Founder & Chief Researcher of Royalty Claim, an online searchable database of unclaimed royalties and music licenses powered by the Royalty Claim Initiative.

Dae also engages in the music industry as an Innovation Fellow at the UCLA Center for Music Innovation, a member of Berklee College of Music's Open Music Initiative, a member of the Music Industry Research Association, a member of the Recording Academy (The GRAMMYs) Advocacy, a member of the Music Business Association, the organizer of the SoCal Music Industry Professionals, and a SXSW Music Mentor.

Dae holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an M.A. in Music Industry Administration from California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

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